Koalas are easy to identify but difficult to monitor

We know that koalas are endangered and we have a koala recovery plan now.

But our knowledge about koala populations is patchy.

We need to work out the status and trends of koala populations right across their range.

So we need to look for koalas not just where they’re easy to find, but also in areas where there are fewer koalas, where they’re less dense and much harder to survey.

This national monitoring program will broaden our understanding and unify the different monitoring techniques used in different parts of the country.

The NKMP aims to deliver a robust estimate and build a long-lasting capability to monitor and assess trends in koala populations.

It has been co-designed by not just the scientists, but by the whole Australian community.

That includes Landcare, private landholders whose land we’re on, and the local First Nations people.

Information will be updated regularly to create a trusted source of koala populations.

We can then use this information to help manage koalas on the ground.

Koalas have diverse values

Koalas occur across a range of landscapes, land use types and management settings. Our knowledge of koala behaviour, relationships and needs comes from a variety of sources and in a variety of forms. Plus, koalas have their own values.

CSIRO have developed a collaborative approach to monitoring koalas.